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Suuqiina and Qaumaniq Our Vision:

    1. Relationship (establish a reference to) and Redemption (ransom, atone for) with/from the Creator and His Son

    2. Respect (treat with honor and esteem) for all Creation- the earth, living things, the elders, our children and all people (Our Relations)

    3. Recounting (tell history in true detail) the past to walk free in the present

    4. Response-ability (to answer to and be accountable for) of our sins, mistakes and defects of character

    5. Rectification (to put right, to purify) for wrongs committed by individuals, people groups and systems

    6. Removal (taking away) of barriers that block true healing

    7. Restoration (build up again, repair, renew, give back) of All Things- Israel as the first born of Yahweh and peace, equality, and partnership between the genders and cultural groups

    8. Reconciliation (bring back into harmony) where wounds, offenses and breaches exist

    9. Recovery (get back health) from addictive ways of living including addictive Systems and addictive Thinking

    10. Reclamation (bring back from wrong and make fit) and Reconstruction (rebuilding) of true oneness in marriage, the healthy intimate family and the true bride of Yahshua (Yeshua/ Jesus)

    11. Re-Creation- (refreshing restoration to the soul) true restoration and healing of the soul through creativity via music, art, movement and creative processes

    12. Revolution (great change and overthrow of a system) as being in the world and systems but not of them


"Qaumaniq and Suuqiina are a couple with unique giftings, experience and position - having a special place in the Body of Christ. Their prophetic insight, combined with their passion of Y'shua and compassion for people, make them a rare and needed team to assist people in negotiating these tumultuous days in which we are now living" - Randy and Edith Woodley, co-founders, Eagles Wings Ministry

"Suuqiina and Qaumaniq are deeply loved members of our parish and their ministry to us has been a blessing. Nothing has affected our lives more than their teaching on protocol." - Rev. Canon Chuck and Seiko Mitchell, St. Jude's Anglican Church, Burbank, California

"At times in the modern spiritual warfare movement, we almost see a return to the roots of the religion of Zarathustra - the battle is both God's and ours and without our able help, God will not prevail! Suuqiina and Qaumaniq confront us with the issues that flirting on the edge of this thinking creates, identifying a serious deficit in what passes for spiritual warfare and power encounters in many Christian settings. Suuqiina and Qaumaniq help us with spiritual context -the context of honor through protocol- first things first including God in God's place and we in ours. It's simply the giving of honor to whom honor is due, in the place and time in which it is due! Their teaching is a gentle rebuke and corrective which will assist the discerning believer greatly." - Terry and Bev LeBlanc, Chair, North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"First Nations leaders and couple Suuqiina and Qaumaniq provide critically important perspectives for the Body of Christ about the importance of cultural and spiritual protocol and its significance to reconciliation and restoration between people-communities and nations. They provide biblical insight along with broad-spectrum illustrations of real-life examples showing how we can enhance our respect for people through protocol in our relationships, in our homes, in our churches, in our communities, and in our nation. Suuqiina and Qaumaniq speak eloquently to us Christians who may sometimes misunderstand cultural rituals or protocol as not honoring God. We all too often pass judgment on things we do not understand as bad-- when, in essence, if we took the time to learn about protocol we may learn a great deal about ourselves, others, and God." - Richard and Katherine Twiss, co-founders, Wiconi International

"As a 'Company of Women,' it is our goal to honor and love one another, forming a circle around the world to encompass those who have never felt the honor and love of God and His people. Through their teaching and example to A Company of Women, Qaumaniq and Suuqiina have inspired and taken us to new levels, of the understanding of honor and protocol. It is that kind of honor and love that sets one free to fulfill their destiny, believing God fro the unbelievable, the impossible and the inconceivable. Thank you, Qaumaniq and Suuqiina, for bringing the Protocol of Honor once again to the forefront." - Rosalie Willis, co-Director, A Company of Women

"Yahweh said that His ways are not our ways. The insights concerning honoring that Suuqiina and Qaumaniq give shed more light on some of His ways. These insights have been very beneficial to us in developing relationships with local native peoples, as well as local government officials. Our fellowship has also found these insights to be quite helpful within our own families." - Graham and Mary Harvey, Pastors, Crossroads Christian Fellowship, Hopkinsville, Kentucky

"I and my fellow city church leaders have put into practice the principle of protocol Qaumaniq and Suuqiina have taught us. Honor by protocol has helped contribute a real change in our community. In the past there were many deeply broken relationships between people and an unseen but real barrier to the advancement of the gospel. Now, partly because of practicing warfare through honor, we are seeing a new openness to the gospel, relationships between people groups healed, and a general improvement in the whole atmostphere of our city. I have also had the opportunity to practice these principles of protocol in other nations with the same amazing results. Thank you to my dear First Nations friends for modeling and teaching me these protocol principles our Creator and Savior has given us." - Larry and Cathy Russell, Pastors, Father's House (Part of the City Church of Kelso/Longview, Washington)

"Dr. Suuqiina and Qaumaniq have done a comprehensive job of addressing the multiple nuances of protocol. Being a leader in Native American ministry, I was versed with some of the ways Natives protocol others, and some aspects of international protocol. However, the Suuqiinas have presented a myriad of ways that involve protocol which most of us have never thought of." - Shirley M. Frisbee, M.A.T., B.S., Eastern Band of the Cherokee (Tsalangi), Founder and President of the Coalition of Christian Native Americans, Phoenix, Arizona

"The Suuqiinas have ministered twice in the Fredericksburg area. Each time they came with a clear and prophetically incisive word for our community. If the heart of a servant continues to be any measure of greatness in the Kingdom of God, Qaumaniq and Suuqiina are certainly numbered among the Lord's generals! They exhibited that rare quality of genuine humility coupled with the clear authority of those who know their message is directly from the heart of God." - Rev. Bowie Curry, Director, PrayerNet of Fredericksburg, Virginia

"Suuqiina and Qaumaniq have become good friends of Longview and of Father's House over the past few years. They have been instrumental in our being able to heal many of the hurts between Christians and First Nations people, particularly the Cowlitz and Chinook Tribes in the Western Washington area. We look forward to their coming because, each time they come, they open our eyes not only to issues of First Nations peoples but to our own hearts.

"When you come away from a meeting with Suuqiina and Qaumaniq, you know you have been in the presence of the Lord. There is a refreshing and almost always an 'a-ha.' If you are considering having Suuqiina and Qaumaniq come to your church or area, we would highly recommend them to you. You will not only be informed but you will be encouraged in the Lord as well. I am blessed to call Suuqiina and Qaumaniq my friends." - Jim Bass, Pastor, Father's House, Longview, Washington

"We have been so wonderfully blessed with Suuqiina and Qaumaniq's unique ministry. Their teaching on protocol changed our lives. Their music is awesome and reaches deep. We love them and have felt so honored to have them in our lives to bring and impartation to us about their wonderful cultures and enlighten us." - Betty Gray, Life Exchange Ministries, Cove, Oregon

Dr. Iglahliq Suuqiina and Reverend Qaumaniq Suuqiina, C.E.A.P.

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