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Our Tribe

Parents, Siblings, Children            Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren

an Inuit Family Our Tribe is composed of individuals that God has gifted to us through biological and adoptive means. It is composed of sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, fathers, mothers, and grandchildren.

According to the dictionary, a tribe is:
1.     a social division of people or a division of society whose members have ancestry, customs, beliefs, and leadership in common
2.     a large family
3.     a group of people with something in common such as an occupation, social background or political viewpoint

Historically and traditionally, adoption was practiced in most tribal communities through custom and ceremony. Most tribes did not practice termination of parental or familiar rights. It is unfortunate that adoption became a negative thing, due to the forced assimilation of policies and as a tool to destroy native families and culture. Because of this trauma, many native tribes abhor adoption in the connotation of the majority culture's definition.

It is important to note that when we speak of our tribe through birth and adoption, we are not in the practice of assimilation of others into our ways of doing things. We believe in the sovereignty of individuals and the gift of choice that Yahweh has bestowed upon us all.

The process of adoption is important to us and not something that we enter into lightly. We treat these members that have been adopted with the same respect and commitment in which we honor our biological family.

We are so honored that the Creator established us among these people, biological and adoptive, that make up our tribe. We are so proud of each one of these individuals. We are laboring to build a house not made by hands alongside of them, something eternal through Yahweh, that will be a dwelling fit for the presence of Yahweh. We want to build a tribe that will endure the tests of time and build a generation of God-fearing men and women.

We are so very proud to introduce them to you.

Qaumaniq's Father and Mother
Jim and Rosemary Stanley,
Nashville, Tennessee
Qaumaniq's Father and mother

Qaumaniq's Father and Step-Mother
Bob and Mary Barnette,
Charleston, West Virginia
Qaumaniq's Father and step mother

Suuqiina's Mother
Margaret Nuapak,
Nome, Alaska
Suuqiina's Mother

Suuqiina's Father and Step-Mother
Herman and Lori Smith,
Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada
Suuqiina's Father and step mother

Suuqiina's brother Paul Brodin
Grand Forks, North Dakota
Suuqiina's brother Paul Brodin

Suuqiina's sister Geri Di Lucchio
Anchorage, Alaska
Suuqiina's sister Geri Di Lucchio

Suuqiina's sister Cassandra Harrison
Homer, Alaska
Suuqiina's sister Cassandra Harrison

Suuqiina's sister Jeanette Ives
Courtney, British Columbia, Canada
Suuqiina's sister Jeanette Ives

Suuqiina's sister Cyndy Phillips
Kenora, Ontario, Canada
Suuqiina's sister Cyndy Phillips

Qaumaniq's brother John Stanley
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Qaum's brother John

Qaumaniq's nieces (John's daughters)
Rachel and Savannah Stanley
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Qaum's nieces

Qaumaniq's brother
Councilman James Bruce Stanley
with their mother Rosemary
Nashville, Tennessee
Qaum's brother James Bruce

Qaumaniq's brother Tom Stanley
with wife Tina, children Matt and Elizabeth
Old Hickory, Tennessee
Qaum's brother Tom

Qaumaniq's brother Bob Barnette
Atlanta, Georgia
Qaum's brother Bob

Qaumaniq's sister Anita Wilson
Ashland City, Tennessee
Qaum's sister Anita

Qaumaniq's sister Carol Jobe
Jim and Carol Jobe (on left) and family
Hendersonville, Tennessee
Qaum's sister Carol Jobe and family

Qaumaniq's sister Christine and Ken Hershey
Lanexa, VIrginia
Qaum's sister Christine

Qaumaniq's sister Cindy Sandras
Eric and Cindy Sandras and kids,
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Eric and Cindy Sandras and kids

Cindy and Eric Sandras and their two children. Eric has a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Relations and has authored four books (When The Sky Is Falling, Mystics, Mavericks, and Miracle Workers with Jason Chatraw, Plastic Jesus, and Buck-Naked Faith); he is the spiritual life pastor at Mountain Springs Church.

Qaumaniq's sister Dani and Doyle Baggett
Antioch, Tennessee
Qaum's sister Dani

Qaumaniq's sister Debbie Davenport
Hendersonville, Tennessee
Qaum's sister Debbie D.

Qaumaniq's sister Debbie Hooks (on left)
Hemet, California
Qaum's sister Debbie

Qaumaniq's sister Elizabeth and Ian Hawker
Eugene, Oregon
Qaum's sister Elizabeth

Qaumaniq's sister Eunice and Felix Mercado
Richmond, Virginia
Qaum's sister Eunice

Qaumaniq's sister Jaki and Tim Denning
Vero Beach, Florida
Qaum's sister Jaki

Qaumaniq's sister Kimberly and Dwight Jarratt
Goodlettsville, Tennessee
Qaum's sister Kimberly

Qaumaniq's sister Kristi and Sam Mullins
Mt. Juliet, Tennessee
Qaum's sister Kristi

Qaumaniq's sister Leeann & Rob Smith
Hendersonville, Tennessee
Qaum's sister Leeann

Qaumaniq's sister Mary and Graham Harvey
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Qaum's sister Mary

Qaumaniq's sister Melanie and Jim Robinson
Hendersonville, Tennessee
Qaum's sister Melanie

Qaumaniq's sister Michelle and Jerry Wooten
Sandy, Oregon
Qaum's sister Michelle

Qaumaniq's sister Nancy Oury
Hendersonville, Tennessee
Qaum's sister Nancy

Qaumaniq's sister Sharion Boyd
Mechanicsville, Virginia
Qaum's sister Sharion

Qaumaniq's sister Shelley and Scott Switzer
Winchester, Idaho
Qaum's sister Shelley

Scott and Shelley Switzer and their six children. Scott is an award-winning professional artist and Shelley is a Certified Expressive Arts Practitioner (C.E.A.P.), passionate about art and practices a variety of creative disciplines including writing, painting, mosaics, and drumming, among others; she has worked extensively in the arts to build expression and self-esteem in the lives of children and has experience in working with issues of sexual abuse, addiction, grief and bereavement, adoption, personal and cultural identity, gender relations, and more.

Together Scott and Shelley have created The Parasha Project: Sacred Ritual, New Perspectives, Intimate Interaction, Innovation, Creativity, and Patronage. The first nine Torah portion pieces are hanging in the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem. Parasha is a Hebrew word meaning "section or division" a reading from the Torah: refers to a schedule of weekly passages by which the entire Torah is read in one year. This way of reading the scriptures dates from around 537 BC after the Babylonian captivity.

Qaumaniq's sister Stephanie Klein
Long Beach, California
Qaum's sister Stephanie

Qaumaniq's sister Susan and Steve Skomessa
Cedar Pines, California
Qaum's sister Susan

Qaumaniq's sister Tami and Jon Belcher
Hendersonville, Tennessee
Qaum's sister Tami

Qaumaniq's sister Yvonne and Jim Ellfeldt
Glendale, California
Qaum's sister Yvonne

Qaumaniq and Suuqiina's son Tony Brodin
Twin Falls, Idaho
Qaum and Suuq's son Tony

Qaumaniq and Suuqiina's son Tony Brodin and his wife Kim
Twin Falls, Idaho
Tony and Kim

Qaumaniq and Suuqiina's son
Derrick Armand
Los Angeles, California
Derrick Armand

Qaumaniq and Suuqiina's son Derrick Armand and Shyla
Los Angeles, California
Derrick and Shyla

Qaumaniq and Suuqiina's daughter
Annie Kriskovich
Billings, Montanna

Qaumaniq and Suuqiina's daughter
Annie and Chad Kriskovich
Billings, Montanna
Annie and Chad

Qaumaniq and Suuqiina's son
Daniel Ferrell
Los Angeles, California
Daniel Ferrell

Qaumaniq and Suuqiina's son
Daniel and Kelly Ferrell
Los Angeles, California
Daniel and Kelly Ferrell

Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren