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Qaumaniq (Robin) was born in 1952 in Charleston, West Virginia. young Qaumaniq She is of Native American, Scottish, Irish, English, and Jewish/Eastern European descent. She is the oldest child in her family and the only girl, having 4 younger brothers.

Qaumaniq as teen

Qaumaniq and canine friend

From the time she was a child she loved music, the arts, dance, books, people and animals. She also had a strong compassion for people less fortunate and people who were hurting due to brokenness.


Qaum and dog

By the time she was 10 years old her family settled in Nashville, Tennessee, where she resided for over 40 years.
Cheerleader Qaum

Qaum dancing in the living room

During her childhood she received 15 years of dance training and also served as a dance instructor. She also received training in music and the arts.

Qaum dancing with banner

These gifts were later utilized when she launched her own company Floral and Fancies where she served as a Wedding Consultant and Floral Arranger.

Qaum dancing

Qaumaniq dancing with talit

She sang with the Grand Ole Gospel Time Choir on the Grand Ole Opry and she co-launched and co-lead a Worshiping Arts Dance Group that worked with adults and children.

children dancing Qaumaniq dancing with children

Qaum's childhood church

Ready for church

Qaumaniq attended the United Methodist church as a child and young adult and in 1976 she dedicated her life to Yeshua (Jesus) and has continued to dedicate her life in service to Him over the years.

Qaumaniq church youth group

Qaumaniq and her sons

Qaum, Derrick, and baby Daniel Qaumaniq raised two sons, Derrick and Daniel; both have settled in Los Angeles, California, and make their living in the film industry.

Qaum, Derrick, Daniel

Qaum, Derrick, Daniel

lighting movies in L.A. Qaum, Derrick, Daniel

Qaum, Derrick, Daniel making movies in L.A. rigging lights making movies in L.A.
Qaum with Kelly and Shyla D D

Daniel's sweetheart, Kelly, and Derrick's love, Shyla, are important and cherished women in the family and Qaumaniq's heart. The years spent raising her sons are cherished and family remains the priority in heart today.

It was this priority and passion that drew her to California, where for several years she had dual residency along with Tennessee.