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Qaumaniq with children Because of childhood brokenness due to the alcoholism of her biological father, Qaumaniq was drawn into the field of psychology, specializing in recovery from addictions and childhood abuse as her professional life calling.

Along with her university training she has received training from the Alcohol and Drug Council of Middle Tennessee, the State of Tennessee, Dr. Claudia Black, David Grove Seminars, Institute of Biblical Counseling, the University of Tennessee, the National Association of Social Workers, Volunteer State College, Crossroads Treatment Center, Koala Treatment Center, Tennessee Christian Medical Center, The Creative Outlet, Cumberland Heights Treatment Center, The Caron Foundation, Genesis Inc., Columbia School of Biblical Education, Volunteer State Community College, LIFE Seminars, Turning Point, Serendipity Inc., National Expressive Therapist Association, Wilson Schaef Associates Inc., Art and Soul Inc., American Association for Counseling and Development, Mid Cumberland Council on Alcohol and Drugs, Cross Country Education, The Expressive Arts Training Institute, and The Professional Training Program in Expressive Arts Therapy and The International Institute of Church Management.
Ribbon cutting w/Mayor
In addition to her extensive training in the field, Qaumaniq has also spent several years doing work in her own personal recovery as an Adult Child of Alcoholism, which gives her a special insight in the effects of these issues on families and how to best recover and thrive.

Qaumaniq Ministry Conference

As part of her professional work she was a therapist at a Co-Dependency Treatment Program and an Eating Disorders Treatment Center both in Nashville Tennessee. She also was the founder and director of a counseling center in Hendersonville Tennessee that specialized in treatment from addictions, co-dependency, sexual abuse and domestic violence.

In the late nineties, she took a life-transforming trip to Israel, that opened a new direction in her life as she became the North American Representative for an Israeli Messianic Ministry in which she worked for eight years.
Overlooking the Temple Mount, Jerusalem

Qaum Tel Aviv Qaum Emmaus Way

on the beach

While on this path she was introduced to several apostolic Native American leaders and she connected them with the Israeli Ministry in which she was a part. Through this divine connection she met Suuqiina and later was united with him in marriage.

Suuqiina, Lynda Prince, inuit drum wedding Wedding Day procession wedding dance

wedding dance 2

Welcome to Alaska!
After their marriage Qaumaniq and Suuqiina were joined in ministry purposes. Suuqiina brought his piece of ministry with Indigenous People Groups and the Arts and Qaumaniq brought her piece of ministry with Israel and women. As their lives converged they Qaumaniq joined Suuqiina in Alaska where they traveled the state into remote villages sharing the gospel message of restoration, reconciliation and redemption.
Alaska mountains speaking in gymnasium Suuqiina and Qaumaniq with friends Qaumaniq in small plane

Qaumaniq and Suuqiina

Leaders Morningstar Healing Land
Protocoling Aboriginal Elders
Protocoling Aboriginal Elders

RV Suuqiina and Qaumaniq used for travel 2002-2005
During that same time they purchased an R.V. in which to travel through Canada and the lower 48 states of the U.S. Over the next years they would be speakers at Many Nations One Voice Conferences, 120 Drums Conferences, First Nations of Canada Conferences, and Healing the Land Seminars. They were and still continue to be instructors for the U.S. Center for World Missions.
Ordination Ceremony Bend, Oregon Ordination Ceremony in Williamsburg, Virginia Healing the Land, Nashville TN
Ministering in Homer, Alaska
Ministry in Homer, Alaska

Allie's Place
In 2003 Qaumaniq and Suuqiina relocated to the Nashville Tennessee area and built a retreat center there called Allie's Place named after Qaumaniq's 2 year old granddaughter Allie Nicole that crossed over to Yeshua on June 27th 1999. Through a prophetic word given that the God would redeem the sacrifice of the loss of Allie through a center of worship, Allie's Place was dedicated with a 3-day worship event on the Suuqiinas' land which included Jews from Israel, First Nations of North America, and tribes of other nations along with believers from across the states. It was a powerful time of honoring of Allie and her family, one another and a time where many people made life long divine appointments and connections that remain to this day.

Dedication of Allie's Place Allie's Place pool at Allie's Place

Through miraculous circumstances, Qaumaniq found Suuqiina's natural father from whom he had been separated at infancy. They traveled to British Columbia for a wonderful reconciliation and Suuqiina and his father continue to have an incredible relationship to this day. It is an amazing story of God's redeeming love.
Suuqiina's Dad