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Qaumaniq Qaumaniq was diagnosed with a life altering illness in 1989. For a time she was able to travel and minister with Suuqiina with the use of an R.V. However, in 2004 Qaumaniq's health worsened and she was unable to continue their ministry and travel schedule together as a couple.

Qaum celebrating her birthday with St Judes Burbank family Qaumaniq and women Opening the Aglow International Conference

Qaum and Sisters In keeping with her passion for restoration, Qaumaniq has adopted certain special people into her family and heart. These relationships, including adopted sisters, brothers, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, along with her biological family, are the primary focus and commitment of her life. She is committed to "finishing well" as an elder to her blended tribe. She is also committed to being a caretaker of God's creation through her love and care of nature and animals.

Hollywood kids Qaum and Shelley Switzer Qaum and sisters Qaum and sister Michelle Qaum and Jarratt kids Qaum and grandkids Qaum and grandkids Qaum and grandkids make art grandkids Qaum and Talynn Family Dinners grandkids cookout Qaumaniq enjoying the pool Qaum and kids Qaum and family Kelly and Daniel's wedding Suuqiina and Qaumaniq Suuqiina and Qaumaniq

Life Mission Statement for Qaumaniq Robin Suuqiina:

I desire to live a life of integrity where my actions are consistent with the life message I bring

I desire to work in a non-addictive way without procrastination, implementing a worth ethic of intentionality.

I desire to place knowing God and my family above all else, including work and ministry.

I desire to love others in healthy and non-co-dependent ways in addition to loving myself by exhibiting self care and self nurturing.

I desire to be authentic, transparent, and available within reason to others.

I desire to become comfortable with brokenness —mine and others— being at peace with healing as a process involving time and patience.

I desire to believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob alone— letting go of dead religion and the traditions of men.

I desire to cooperate with God in the process of being grafted into the Tree of Life —the Olive Tree— the true planting of Yahweh.

I desire to promote healing and freedom for all, across racial and gender lines.

I desire to promote respect and stewardship for all God's creation— people, animals, plants, the sea, the air, and the land.

I desire to be at peace with God and others, accepting life on God's terms and not demanding my own.

I desire to release striving and reacting in exchange for responding to God and others.

I desire to embrace what God allows to come my way as part of my life learning process— embracing the process as my teacher and as a gift.

Suuqiina and Qaumaniq